The Boat

The Team’s boat is a Phil Morrison designed Woodvale build called ‘Small and Mighty’

She was built in 2011 and was originally called ‘Maple Leaf’ when it took “2 Boys in a Boat” across the Atlantic in 2013 on its first Atlantic Passage.


The team acquired the Guinness World Record of the youngest team to ever have crossed the North Atlantic from East to West.

The boat then moved on to become the transport of the team “Atlantic Waterbabies” for the 2015 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and she was renamed “Small and Mighty” The pairs team didnt work out unfortunately and the boat was rowed as a single across in an incredible 58 days, 15 hours AND 15 minutes.  Winning Callum Gathercole another Guinness World Record as the youngest ever solo rower of the North Atlantic – east to west, at 20 years old.

10830714_326634390876184_6849835296782267655_oThe boat is currently going through its 3rd incarnation with Row West 2017  – to hopefully another successful Atlantic Crossing.

Check out this tour of the boat: